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Leave a

With our help, your legacy will impact Christian charities and the lives of people you care about.


Browse Our Investment Plans

We'll help you pick a plan that lines up best with how you want to impact the world.


Set Up Your Investment
With Us

By contacting us, we'll begin the process of activating your gifts for years to come.

Create Your Legacy
by giving through The Foundation at Highland Park Presbyterian Church

A Legacy You Can Count On

When you set up your investments through The Foundation at
Highland Park Presbyterian Church, you know that your funds will be impacting Christian ministries in perpetuity.

This year, gifts like yours...


Easy to Understand Plans

Download InvestmentGuide

The Foundation at Highland Park Pres offers several easy to understand plans that will make sure that your gifts are making an impact in perpetuity. 

Whether you are looking for an advised fund, a designated fund, an undesignated fund, a memorial fund, or don't know what you need, we will be here to help it all make sense.

Your Legacy Begins Today

Set up an appointment to explore your opportunities by
filling out the form below, or by calling 214-525-4242. 

You've taken the first steps torwards begining your legacy. We'll be in touch soon!

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